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Huitres Thaeron France - Tout commence en Charente-Maritime

All began in Charente-Maritime

Huitres Thaeron France - Coupelles collecter naissains naturellement dans l'eau

Installation of cups to collect the spats directly in the water

It takes 6 months for an oyster's larva to become a spat.

Coupelles sont ramenées à terre pour séparer les jeunes huîtres

The cups are returned on the ground to separate the young oysters...

Direction Morlaix aux parcs d'élevage

...then put in bags to allow them to grow

Head on Morlaix on our oyster bed

Huitres Thaeron France - Les poches d'huîtres sont ficées sur des tables ostréicoles

The oysters bags are fixed to the oysters tables. The bags are regularly returned to permit the oysters growth.

Huitres Thaeron France - Les poches sont dédoublées

As soon as a huge growth is noticed, the bags are divided to allow oysters to have more space to grow.

es huîtres ont suffisamment grandi. Il est alors temps de calibrer les huîtres

Now it's time to calibrate the oysters, ie separate the oysters which have grown to weigh them individually. The calibration is not defined by the size but by the weight.

Huitres Thaeron France - Le calibrage n'est pas définit par la taille mais par le poids

Oyster fine de belon THAËRON


The Oyster “fine de belon” is known for its subtle salty taste and its soft aftertaste.

Seasonality : all year round

Les huitres de qualité : Huitre Fine THAERON

Oyster Spéciale THAËRON


This hollow oyster delights the very-fleshy-oyster-lovers. Flesh rate : 10.5% to 13%.

Seasonality : all year round

Les huitres de qualité : Huitre spéciale THAERON

La Gauloise

After having been raised for 4 years, the Gauloise benefits from a refining of minimum 6 months in the Belon river . Flesh rate up to 13%.

Seasonality : all year round

Les huitres de qualité : La Gauloise

The "Easy to Open" oyster

« You want to eat oysters… but the opening slows you ? we have found the solution ! ».

Our « easy to open oysters » grounded at their muscle place, covered by a tiny-layer of paraffin wax (with this process, the quality of our oysters remains the same) will allow you to taste it very simply.

Thanks to our authentic-process and marketed for more than 15-years, to open oysters will be a breeze.

Seasonality : all year round

Les huitres de qualité : La FAO

Belon flat oyster


Raised in deep water, they benefit from a minimum refining of one-month in the Belon river. The river who gaves his name to the flat oyster “La Belon”. An unique flavour and subtle hazelnut’s taste. By its rarity, the Belon flat oyster is an exceptional dish.

Seasonality : all year round

Les huitres de qualité : Huitre Plate