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You are a seafood wholesaler, importer or fishmonger looking for a supplier? Thaëron, leader in seafood in France and international exporter since 1965, is at your disposal to open new partnerships.

The company has been a seafood wholesaler for 5 generations. Each year we export 3000 tons throughout the world thanks to our collaboration with more than 150 suppliers. With a wide range of products, we can supply you with large quantities at competitive prices all year round on these products:

Crustaceans (Lobsters, Crab, Spider crab)
Shellfish (clams, cockles, whelks, winkles)
Oysters (Flat, Special and Fine)
Mussels (Rope, Bouchot and Wild mussels)
Cooked products (Cooked whelks, Provençal whelks, Cooked crabs, Crab paste)
Seaweed (Wakame, Dulse, etc)

If you are located in Europe, the Middle East or Asia our supply chain is already optimised to serve you. We regularly work in Italy, Switzerland, Eastern Europe, China and the United Arab Emirates. In these countries, we are committed to serving you a fresh product within 48 hours.

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